MSR Modular Signal Recorder

The solution for efficient measurement data logging.


For efficient data collection and analysis: MSR PC Software

The collection and analysis of recorded measured data of your MSR Data logger is effected by help of MSR PC software. All measurement parameters can be rapidly transferred to a PC via USB connection.

The user-friendly MSR PC software can be used for all MSR Data loggers by MSR Electronics GmbH. The PC software is delivered for free when you buy a MSR Data logger. The software package consists of the four main programmes MSR-Setup, MSR-Reader, MSR-Online and MSR-Viewer as well as of several auxiliary programmes, which inter alia allow you to export data to MATLAB or CSV format.


Program selection: The software package comprises four main and several supporting programs.


From a PC, «Setup» is used to prepare MSR dataloggers for each specific measuring task.


With the «Reader» users can selectively transfer data records logged with the MSR to a PC. The transfer process does not delete any measurement records saved on the MSR.


«Online» allows users to view the progression of the measurement parameters directly on-screen and save the logged values on a PC.


Records created in «Reader» or «Online» may be viewed and edited on a PC with the «Viewer». The measurement parameters may be displayed either in graph or in table form.

Download MSR PC software for free here!

This software, in the most up-to-date version, is supplied with each new MSR data logger. Updates of the complete software package (Setup, Reader, Viewer, Online including all MSR user manuals) can be downloaded at any time.

MSR PC software Release Version Download 
Standard 15 July 2016 5.30.12 ZIP 108 MB
LOG-HC2 4 December 2014 2.00.06 ZIP 18 MB

System requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, USB port

Visual examples of data records

Analogue inputs Sample MSR data logger measurements with 2 analogue inputs. 1 × temperature, 2 × voltage inputs.
Acceleration / position /
vibration / shock / stroke /
Sample measurements on a belt conveyor. To prevent fabrication defects (i.e. defective concrete slabs), an MSR165 data logger is used to detect where the strongest g-forces occur on the belt conveyor. Recording an impact with an MSR165 data logger. MSR145 data logger, position measurement: Rotation around X-, Y- and Z-axis. Oscillation measurements with an MSR165 data logger Recording impacts on a bike journey
Pressure MSR145 data logger: Pressure measurements for a ruminating cow MSR145 data logger: Long-term measurement of pressure MSR145 data logger: Pressure measurements, 10Hz
Humidity Humidity measurements in tunnel construction with an MSR145 data logger
Light Measuring light with an MSR data logger
Temperature Temperature and humidity measurements with MSR data logger

Software support

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